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Teaching their Chapter is a Training Programme for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Teachers around Europe, created in partnership with the National Library of Israel and their "Writing My Chapter" initiative. 

This course will be taught online, over sixteen two-hour sessions between May and August 2023, culminating in a residential summit in Jerusalem in August 2023. It will be led by Rabbi Nathan Alfred, an experienced educator who has brought hundreds of students to Bar and Bat Mitzvah in the past two decades, alongside an array of expert guest lecturers. These experts include Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, Rabbi Judith Rosen-Berry and Rabbi Dr Michael Hilton (who has written the following book Bar Mitzvah - a History)

The training course will include interactive learning from the students also !

What is covered in the course :

Understanding Torah and Haftarah,

Prayer: Meanings and Melodies,

History of Bar and Bat Mitzvah,

Overcoming Pedagogical Challenges, Homiletics for Teenagers,

Cantillation, and

other contemporary Jewish issues.

Students will also benefit from one-to-one sessions to develop their own resources, as well as being guided on how to use the National Library of Israel's Writing My Chapter program. 

"May your heart conceive with understanding, may your mouth speak wisdom and your tongue be stirred with sounds of joy." Based on the Babylonian Talmud, Berachot 29a

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