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If you teach Bar and Bat Mitzvah students in Europe, or aspire to, please join us this spring for an inaugural online 16-week course.

Rabbi Nathan Alfred, will teach, partnering with the National Library of Israel, alongside expert guest lecturers. Rabbi Nathan Alfred has more than two decades of experience teaching and leading Bnei Mitzvah, The program concludes with an in-person weekend in Jerusalem.


Our goal is to help European Jewish communities meet the huge challenge of teaching the next generation. 


In communities without full-time rabbis (and often even when there is one), the task of teaching Bar/Bat Mitzvah students falls to lay leaders. This course helps to train them to prepare their children for this key life-changing event.


While taught from a Progressive, gender equal perspective, the course is open to all.  Topics covered will include Torah and Haftarah, Prayer, History of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Cantillation, Overcoming Pedagogical Challenges, Homiletics and other contemporary Jewish issues. 

Communities say they need our course

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