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The National Library of Israel

Several modules of the course will be taught by the National Library of Israel. We encourage students to utliise their fantastic materials - click here for more information on their Bat and Bar Mitzvah courses

We thank them for their support !

International Jewish Center in Brussels

Teaching Their Chapter is a program developed with the International Jewish Center of Brussels. 


The IJC welcomes all Jews regardless of their origins, and traditional and non-traditional families, to celebrate together our Jewish faith and heritage.  As Brussels is a multicultural and international city, many of their members were born in Belgium and the others are from all over the world, from Brazil to Sweden, posted or settled permanently in the capital of the European Union.


The IJC runs an active Talmud Torah preparing its children for their Big Day, and looks forward to benefiting from this exciting program!

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The ERA is the assembly of progressive rabbis, liberal rabbis, and reform rabbis serving synagogues in Europe. It strives to give progressive, liberal, and reform Judaism a voice in Europe, help network and support its rabbis, and harmonize their work across Europe. 

Start Up Judaism

Start Up Judaism was founded in 2022 as a non-profit organisation (asbl) that works to support innovative and emerging Jewish projects and communities around Europe.

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